Onn Usb Connected Soft-Touch Wired Keyboard, Black

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About This Item

If you spend a large chunk of your day on a computer, its essential that you are equipped with quality tools that will work with you rather than against you. The ONN Soft-Touch Wired Keyboard is exactly what you'll need to make your laptop or desktop workstation more functional and help you get your work done with precision, speed and accuracy. The slim black keyboard connects easily to your PC using a USB port. Just follow a few steps, and you'll be up and running in no time, so you can start typing away as you take care of work, school or personal projects. The soft-touch keys will minimize noise so you can focus on the task at hand without disturbing others, and because the keyboard is wired, you will never have to worry about replacing any batteries. Use the ONN Soft-Touch Wired Keyboard to make the most of every moment you spend in front of the computer screen!
  • Soft-touch keys make typing easier than ever while minimizing distracting clicking sounds and creating a quieter work environment
  • Easy-to-use USB connection for seamless compatibility with your laptop or desktop computer
  • Slim design with black finish easily complements your home or work office aesthetic
  • QWERTY keyboard layout equipped with page up and page down scrolling buttons
  • Features two collapsible feet for comfortable typing at multiple angles
  • Keyboard is spill-proof, so your morning coffee doesn't ruin your entire day
  • Easy-to-use keyboard is perfect for work, research and light gaming